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CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software
Editor's Choice.  Cookware Deluxe
Awarded with "5 stars Editor's choice!"
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CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software for Mac or PC makes collecting and organizing recipes really easy. Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software Simply drag recipes from your Web browser or Word Processor directly into CookWare Deluxe, categorize it and you're finished! (What is drag and drop?)

look features Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software = Key Feature
Categorizing recipes makes it easier to group them together, easier to find, easier to create Menus. When you drop your recipes into CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software it automatically Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software reformats ("cleans it up") stray characters and changes quantity abbreviations according to your preferences to make your collection of recipes consistent. 64 quadrillion recipes can be added to CookWare Deluxe. You can also add details such as a photo, substitutions, its source, notes, what beverage is a good accompaniment, etc.

Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software It's easy to get organized with the built-in Calendar to plan your meals. Plan for the Day, Week, Month in any given Year. Print the recipe titles as a Calendar to hang on the refrigerator, then print the recipes with an optional Shopping list.

Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software Shopping lists are assembled simply by checkmarking the items you need, add non-food items, combine items, delete them, whatever you like. The list bunches similar items together so it's easier to combine items. To simplify your life the Shopping List organizes your list further by sorting the Store, Department and Aisle of where you would like to buy your items. Shopping/Market lists can be printed, emailed (maybe emailed to your spouse for pick-up on the way home) or saved to your iPod.

Apple iPhoneRecipes and Market lists can be saved in simple HTML so they're easy to read on an iPod. CookWare Deluxe also works beautifully with Apples® new iPhone, now you can take your Recipes and Market lists to work, to the Market or to show your friends a great recipe - whatever! Imagine you're at home using CookWare Deluxe looking at a recipe for tonight's meal... now you have the ability to send the required list of ingredients to your spouse to get on the way home. Doesn't that make life a little more simple! (not just iPhone, this can work for any phone that accepts email).
iPod CookWare Deluxe can even make iPod Cookbooks. Imagine how fun it would be to create your own electronic cookbook with a table of contents! (Share them, give them away) iPod Cookbooks are made up of multiple individual recipes all hyper-linked together with a table of contents. Here are Instructions to integrate your iPod with CookWare Deluxe 4.2.

Your recipes can be displayed as Cookbooks or by Category or Alphabetically in Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software The Recipe Browser to make them very easy to organize and group. Groups can be saved and recalled later using the Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software "Menu Sets" feature. Using the amazing power and functionality of The Recipe Browser you can put together a menu really fast.

Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe SoftwareCreate your own printed cookbooks with print templates you design. Create a cookbook to fit a 3-ring binder in a matter of seconds, simply by loading the recipes you want in your cookbook, then selecting the Create and Print Cookbook function - that's it! Imagine being able to give a family heirloom cookbook that's so simple to make to your kids, family or friends.
Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software Finding recipes is really easy, with the powerful Recipe Finder - after all, it doesn't make much sense to have a great recipe collection and not be able to find the right one when you need it.
Any searches you perform can be saved so they can be performed again at a later date with the "My Searches" Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Softwarefeature. You can find recipes by using a combination of typed words and pop-up menus. It's simple and fast! Cookware Deluxe comes with great recipes, but it gives you the option to search only the recipes you've entered.

Nutritional information Learn why CookWare Deluxe does not include Nutritional Information...

Save time and money shopping for groceriesCookWare Deluxe Recipe Software can actually save you money on your food bill.
Here's how...

1] Supermarkets compete with one another by luring customers into their stores with the use of coupons or "Bonus Buys". Sometimes they are so discounted they are known as "lost leaders" meaning they might actually lose money on the item. You can take advantage of these savings by looking through your local newspaper and selecting only the items you need, that are on sale, then going from one store to the next selecting only the items you need. Then enter them into CookWare Deluxe's Shopping List which will organize them by Store, Department and Aisle. That way, you can save time and money. This is a perfectly legitimate way to shop for groceries; supermarkets love to see customers use coupons because it gives them an idea of what people want, and how well their advertising is working. It's a win-win for everyone.

2] Studies have shown that shopping for a week's worth of groceries at one time rather than shopping two or three times a week will save a significant amount of money. CookWare Deluxe is designed to help you do just that. By using its Meal Planning Calendar combined with its Shopping List you can save a tremendous amount of time, money and energy.

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Watch a movie of adding a recipe
in real-time.
You might wonder... If DigitalFriedChicken has been creating CookWare Deluxe for 14 years why is it only at version 4.2?

Here's why... CookWare Deluxe used to be called just "CookWare", but its name was in conflict with another product. This caused some confusion, so it's name was changed from CookWare to CookWare Deluxe. At the time of the name change, CookWare was up to version 7.9. Without the name change CookWare Deluxe would currently be at version 12.8
Recipes don't even need to be printed, you can email them with just a click or Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Softwareexchange them with another CookWare Deluxe user or post them (in HTML format) to the internet or put them on a iPod. If you do want to print, choose one of these formats - Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe SoftwareStandard, Standard without Photo, 6 x 4 Cards, 3-ring Binder, Large Print and Custom Templates.

CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software is cross-platform. This opens the door to being able to exchange recipes with any other CookWare Deluxe user. Maybe you have friends, family or even kids at college homesick and wanting grandma's recipes, but they use a PC and you don't; with CookWare Deluxe you can Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software exchange recipes seamlessly without any loss of information. CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software uses a sophisticated recipe comparison that Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software synchronizes recipes between computers without the use of additional software. You'll appreciate the handy guides Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software for Food Pairing, Quantity Conversions, Cooking Temperatures and more. Browse Web resources right from within CookWare Deluxe recipe software. Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software The ability to export a single recipe or multiple recipes in three formats offers a lot of flexibility by being able to print your recipes in a Word Processor using the Text export or export in a Excel format or post to the Internet using the HTML format. Major feature of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software CookWare Deluxe now Imports MasterCook recipes. (MXP and MX2 files.) Dictionary DownloadDictionaries in many languages are available for CookWare Deluxe. Dictionaries in the following languages: Dutch, French, Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German, English (UK), English (US). These Dictionaries check the spelling of text entered, it doesn't change the software to that particular language. Since most of the world understands some English, many users can understand the titles, headings and navigate layouts easily, but feel more comfortable using their native language to fill-in the blanks. These Dictionaries allow you to check your entries and Learn words that are not in the Main Dictionary.
$35.95 US
Single-user license
Download OS X version
For OS X
Download Windows version
For 98/XP/Vista
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Key Features -

[+] Time Tested! - 14 years of refinement and support.
[+] Recipes are auto-formated as they are entered.
[+] Create custom printing templates.
[+] The ability to assign multiple categories to recipes.
[+] Save searches.
[+] Save menus.
[+] A Calendar to plan meals on.
[+] Market List that can be edited and sorted by Store.
[+] Link recipes together - recipes that complement, recipes that require another recipe.
[+] Create a cookbook from selected recipes with one click.
[+] Choose from 5 print formats plus unlimited custom formats.
[+] Print a single recipe, a menu, an index or to fit in a three-ring binder.
[+] Export single recipes or multiple recipes in 3 formats.
[+] Create iPod Recipes, iPod Market Lists, iPod Cookbooks.
[+] Import MasterCook recipes.
[+] A free 2100 word Culinary Dictionary.
[+] Synchronize recipes between computers.
[+] One-click recipe exchange with other PC and Mac CookWare Deluxe users.
[+] Email recipes, add and store Addresses and Subjects.

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Runs on Mac and Windows

Key Features of CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software 4.2 | — Return to Top

[+] Time Tested! - 13 years of refinement and support.
[+] Includes over 350 handpicked, wonderful recipes - No "Filler" Recipes - [view recipes]
| Recipe Details |
[+] Assign multiple categories to recipes for easier grouping, finding and creating Menus.
[+] Easily add additional categories to any of the Main Categories (Cookbook, Main Ingredient, Region, Course, Beverage).
[+] Easily add a photo by dragging it in from a Web browser or use the "Add" button.
[+] View Next and Previous recipes using the keyboard.
[+] Record Prep, Cook, Pre-Heat time, Servings and Recipe Difficultly.
[+] Quick Search - Searches all recipes for the word you've entered.
[+] Automatically reformat dragged recipes to suit your abbreviation preferences.
[+] Allows you to rate the recipes.
[+] Information fields for Weight Watchers Points and Comments
[+] Duplicate Recipe - Duplicates the current recipe and adds the word "Duplicate" to the end of the recipe's title.
[+] Enlarge the recipe photo with a single click.
[+] Magnify the view of CookWare Deluxe.
[+] Large view of recipe with a single click.
[+] Tool bar to transfer you to key areas of CookWare Deluxe.
| Recipe Finder |
[+] Quickly find recipes using categories such as: Name, Course, Region etc., in conjunction with typed requests.
[+] Recommends recipes - Based on what you have on hand or what type of food sounds good to you.
[+] Recipe Finder uses an "All" or "Any"; option to find recipes.
| Recipe Browser |
[+] Display recipes according to a Category or Alphabetically.
[+] Displays recipes in a list format that can be "filtered" to make it very easy to organize your recipes.
[+] Use the Multi-Print checkbox to "mark" all the recipes you would like to print at any given time.
This also generates a Market List for those recipes. Use this function to "group" recipes together to save them as a "Menu set".
[+] Menu Sets - Store the results of a Find/Search, or a "group of recipes" that you have gathered together.
[+] My Searches - Save Finds you've performed. Ideal for finding recipes that have been added since the last time you performed the find.
[+] View all your "Collected Recipes" you have added to CookWare Deluxe with a single click.
[+] View your Menu list anytime - sometimes it's hard to remember which recipes you've added to your menu.
[+] Delete Found Recipes. This allows the deletion of certain recipes (or all recipes) that may not be wanted by the user E.G., A Vegetarian may not want Meat recipes.
[+] Sophisticated Duplicates search, so recipes with the same name but different ingredients are not counted as duplicates.
| Printing |
[+] Printing formats - Standard, Standard without Photo, 6x4 Cards, 3-ring Binder, Large Print and Custom Templates.
[+] Print multiple recipes using the "Multi-Print" checkbox.
[+] Create a cookbook from selected recipes with one click.
[+] View or print an Index of all the recipes contained in CookWare Deluxe.
[+] Hide recipes before printing.
[+] Print a single recipe, a menu, an index or to fit in a three-ring binder.
[+] Custom print layouts made to your own specifications.
| Cookware Deluxe Preferences |
[+] Choose the default print format, 5 formats plus unlimited custom print formats.
[+] Meal text color options for the Calendar/Meal Planner.
[+] Abbreviation Preferences for Auto-Formatting.
[+] Turn on or off backup Collected Recipes on Quit.
[+] Turn on or off Auto-Formatting.
| iPhone |
[+] Phone it in! - send your Recipes and Market Lists directly from CookWare Deluxe to your new iPhone.
[+] Recipes and or Market Lists can be saved for your iPhone.
| iPod |
[+] Complete step-by-step instructions for configuring the iPod to use as a Hard Drive.
[+] iPod Recipes - CookWare Deluxe generates .txt files of individual recipes (simple HTML so they're very easy to read on an iPod).
[+] iPod Market Lists - Any Market list can be saved for your iPod.
[+] iPod Cookbooks - iPod Cookbooks are made up of multiple individual recipes linked together by a table of contents.
| Export |
[+] Backup just the "Collected Recipes" (recipes you have added to CookWare Deluxe).
[+] Backup CookWare Deluxe in its entirety.
[+] Option to backup Collected Recipes on Quit.
[+] Export single recipes or multiple recipes.
[+] Excel format - this could potentially make it easier to import into other devices such a PDA, etc.
[+] Text format - this export can be used to transfer recipes to a Word Processor.
[+] HTML format - this is basic HTML that can be used as a starting point for posting recipes to the Internet.
| Import |
[+] Import your backup from previous versions of CookWare Deluxe.
[+] Import the Extra Recipes Sets that are available for purchase.
[+] Import CookWare Deluxe 3.1 or greater backup folder.
[+] Import your Collected Recipes folder. This is useful for synchronizing files between computers.
[+] Import MasterCook recipes.
[+] Import and Export CookWare Deluxe recipes automatically.
| Editing |
[+] A free custom 2100-word Culinary Dictionary was designed specifically for CookWare Deluxe and is available only in English.
[+] Dictionaries in many languages - Dutch, French, Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal),
Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German, English (UK), English (US) and Medical (US).
[+] Find and Replace - within a single recipe or all recipes.
[+] Spell checking is conveniently available to confirm the spelling of your entries.
[+] Auto Saves.
| Sharing |
[+] Synchronize recipes between computers.
[+] One-click recipe exchange with other PC and Mac CookWare Deluxe users.
[+] Send recipes to other people by email, or as an email attachment.
[+] The HTML export allows sharing your recipes on a Web page.
[+] A Market list can be emailed, sent to an iPod or printed.
| Tools |
[+] Email recipes to anyone who has an email address. Your recipe is automatically formatted and placed in the Outbox of your email software - ready to send.
[+] Add and Store as many email Addresses and Subjects as needed.
[+] Built-in Web browser. Navigates to Web pages right within CookWare Deluxe.
[+] Instant Web access for Recipes, Substitutions, TV Recipes, Video Cooking Classes, etc. Editable list.
[+] Editable Cooking Times for various foods.
[+] Food Pairing Guide shows how Meat, Wine and Herbs work together to complement each other.
[+] Food Safety is a comprehensive Guide to Food Handling - a great reference tool.
[+] Weight Conversions from US to Metric and Metric to US. Also Equivalents for Temperatures, Fluids, Weights, etc.
[+] "The Measures Calculator" helps scale individual quantities in order to adjust them for more servings.
| Extra Info |
[+] Area for Nutrition information.
[+] Area for possible Substitutions.
[+] Area for Recipe Source.
[+] Most fields employ a type-ahead function.
[+] Indicator flags will show if these areas contain information.
| Linking |
[+] Link recipes together two ways: link recipes that complements, another recipe or link recipes that are required to make the recipe.
[+] "Split and Link Recipes" function helps automate recipe linking.
[+] Break up a multi-part recipe into parts that can be used with other recipes.
[+] By linking complementary recipes together you can create a virtual "Web" that makes creating a Menu really easy.
| Shopping (Market) list |
[+] The Market list gathers all the "selected" recipes ingredients. Simply checkmark the needed items.
[+] The Market list attempts to bunch similar items together to make it easier to combine, delete, add non-food items.
[+] View the ingredients of any one of the recipes in the list, then view them all again.
[+] Indicate the Store, Department and Aisle of where you would like to buy the item.
[+] Market lists can be printed by type of Food, by Store/Department or the order it was entered.
[+] Market lists can be printed, emailed or saved to your iPod.
| Help |
[+] An Illustrated .pdf User Guide is available. It can be found under the Help Menu.
[+] An abbreviated version of the User Guide can be found under the Help Menu called Quick-Help.
[+] Many key features have "Tool Tips" attached to them.
[+] Additional help can be found at the DigitalFriedChicken Help Web page.
| Meal Planner |
[+] Plan your meals on the built-in calendar for any day of the week, month or year.
[+] Use an unlimited amount of recipes for any day and any course - Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack and Dessert.
[+] Print a Monthly Calendar view with recipe names on it and/or print all the recipes in the monthly view.
[+] Print daily views with an optional Market list.
[+] Print an optional Market list for any recipes on the calendar.

For less than the cost of one average printed cookbook, this cookbook comes with 350 recipes.
It can expand, create menus, shopping lists - what a deal! - If you love good food, this will make a great addition to your kitchen.

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