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Why No Nutritional Information?

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Nutritional information
Many people have dietary sensitivities and many people are health conscious, so "correct" nutritional information is very important. Inaccurate nutritional analysis is potentially dangerous for some people on special diets due to Disease, Heart Problems, Diabetes etc. It is the opinion of DigitalFriedChicken that nutritional analysis cannot be done correctly by a computer (yes, humans are still needed to do some things). Here is why CookWare Deluxe does not calculate nutritional information... The USDA Nutritional Information Database is used by Recipe Software Makers to determine the nutritional content of the recipes their software collects. Many ingredients aren't included in the USDA Database and some recipes are ambiguous about the sizes used ("Pinch" or "1 Can", "1 Package", etc.) The size of the Can or Package you use, may differ from the size the recipe author used, and can vary from country to country, person to person. This makes obtaining an accurate calculation very difficult. Also, software can't understand that some ingredients are used for preparation and will be disposed of, such as sugary, salty marinades or frying oil, etc. This throws the analysis completely off. Optional ingredients or ingredients without measurements can't be calculated because there's nothing to calculate, so they're left out of the analysis. There are many other factors and much more to be said about what creates an inaccurate analysis, but I think you see the point. After all of these inaccurate ingredients have been calculated, many software makers simply calculate all the ingredients, then divide it by the amount of servings. As you know, many recipes don't have serving sizes so the software has to guess at the amount of servings, creating a very inaccurate analysis. Then they cover their responsibilities by saying... "Always consult a registered dietician or your physician before embarking on any diet plan which relies on this analysis..."

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