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Recipe Cleaner reformats Internet recipes Recipe Cleaner 2.2

Formats recipes to be used with CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software. CookWare Deluxe recipe software CookWare Deluxe

Recipe Cleaner removes unwanted information from any recipe, and leaves behind a clean, consistently formatted recipe. Recipe Cleaner has special provisions for cleaning up MasterCook and Meal-Master recipes for use with CookWare Deluxe recipe organizer.

Recipe Cleaner creates a neat, uniform recipe, from the many badly written recipes available on the Internet. As an example: recipe quantities can be abbreviated many ways, Tablespoons for instance can be written as Tbsp, tbsp, T, TBSP, tbs., tbsp., tbsps, tbs, tbls and more... With one click of the button Recipe Cleaner goes to work replacing hundreds of words and characters to make your recipes look great throughout your collection.

Recipe Cleaner saves an unbelievable amount of time, and by removing unwanted text and reducing the recipe's content, it saves file size as well.

If you have hundreds, or maybe thousands of recipes, this can really improve hard drive space and software performance. You can clean one or many recipes at a time (approx. 30 recipes).

Recipe Cleaner has Spell Checking and Built-In Help.

This is a marvelous tool if you download recipes from the Internet or you have a recipe collection. Mac Recipe software - Recipe Cleaner reformats recipes for CookWare Deluxe. You'll use it over and over again.

Here's what Recipe Cleaner doesn't do...

It doesn't directly import recipes files that have been exported from MasterCook and Meal-Master. However, you can paste them into Recipe Cleaner and make them ready to add to CookWare Deluxe.
It does not clean Meal-Master recipes that have two side-by-side columns of ingredients.

* CookWare Deluxe 1.2 or higher is required to import Recipe Cleaner files. When importing recipe files into CookWare Deluxe, each recipe will be placed into the directions area of CookWare Deluxe; from there you'll need to drag the title and ingredients to their respective areas.

$9.95 US
Single-user license
Download OS X version
For OS X
Download the OS 9 version
For OS 8.6 - 9.2
Download Windows version
For 98/ME/2k/XP
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Key Features -

[+] Creates a neat, uniform recipe.
[+] Special provisions for cleaning up MasterCook.
[+] Saves hard drive space.
[+] Spell Checking.
[+] Reformats recipes for CookWare Deluxe.
[+] Built-In Help.

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