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The health of your Dog can be tracked with SafeDog and/or used as Kennel management software, but at its heart, it’s a guide to help you collect important information about your dog in order to keep him safe. Safe from whom? Well, if you think of yourself as your dog’s parent or hurt dogguardian, then like any parent you want to be prepared for any accident or emergency that your puppy gets into. Puppies don’t come with a “dog care” owners manual and some people don’t know about dog health issues or how to deal with them. With SafeDog you can rest assured that when you need to leave your dog with anyone (friend, relatives, groomers, boarding facilities) they will have all the printable pet records and information they need to properly care for your best friend. You will always have a photo and all the information you need to recover your dog at your fingertips.

SafeDog was built for the “ordinary” dog owner, but is powerful and sophisticated enough for breeders too. SafeDog is available in two versions:

SafeDog’s Single User License allows you to add information for 5 dogs. To add more then 5 dogs a Breeders License is required.

A Breeders License allows the entry of an unlimited number of Dogs, Litters and Puppies.

Not only does SafeDog provide you with an incredible amount of information regarding health, vet visits etc., but you can also set up a training program and customize it specifically to the individual dog. Each section in the training area is user definable allowing you to create the perfect training program for your dog. SafeDog will also give you information that you may not have been able to find with other dog record keeping software such as: a running total of your dogs expenses, pedigree/geology family tree, behavioral issues, etc. Even if your dog doesn’t currently have health care problems, all dogs have preferences and special needs. SafeDog has multiple sections, each with a specific, important topic about your dog, such as:

Owner Contact Information
Medical Information
Behavior Information
Custom Training Tracking
Family Tree
Grief Expression
Emergency Signs
Expenses For Each Dog

Read more about these sections...

Breeders Version —

What SafeDog can do for Breeders...

Breeders will enjoy all the benefits of the standard SafeDog (plus the ability to add an unlimited number of dogs) and to record an unlimited number of litters, their dates, descriptions, and store template contracts, adoption information, spay/neuter agreement. For each Puppy the Breeder can store a temporary dog name, an indication of its personality, photo, weight, birth order, time of birth, the (signed or unsigned) contract with the new owner, the new owner’s name, address, phone number, e-mail and any general notes. Also, the price the puppy was sold for and what the gross income was for the litter.

Finally, with the help of SafeDog you can get organized the way you have been wanting to, but just haven’t had the software to do it! Now you can store templates of your contracts (along with signed contracts) and any literature you would like to give to your potential clients directly in SafeDog. Also keep detailed information about the new adopting family (i.e., kids names, other pets/animals in their house, etc. - things that might be helpful if you need to help them with a problem). SafeDog can store the amount each puppy was sold for, along with the total received for the whole litter.

[Single User Version]

This version limits the entry of information to 5 dogs, and no access to Litter/Puppy information.

Single User Version Contains These Features:

+ | An unlimited amount of Veterinary visits can be entered.
+ | Store general information about your dog for recovery.
+ | Store information about (you) the owner.
+ | Store information about your Veterinarian.
+ | Store identification and identifying marks.
+ | Store electronic chip number, address and phone.
+ | Emergency Vet numbers.
+ | Print emergency signs so emergency personnel can find your pets by name.
+ | Track unlimited medical history.
+ | Track unlimited medical conditions and treatment.
+ | Record any special diet.
+ | Record any allergies.
+ | Store photos, x-rays and/or important documents.
+ | Record the purchase price and date of your dog.
+ | Record the Dog’s purchase price and date, and Dog’s sold price and date.
+ | 6 Generation family tree.
+ | Store grooming information.
+ | Track behavioral issues.
+ | Store personality traits.
+ | Track training/tricks.
+ | Dogs preferences and favorite food.
+ | Track dog show information.
+ | Dog handler information.
+ | Miscellaneous notes.
+ | Export dog info to iPod.
+ | Optionally backup entries when quitting.
+ | Easy backup and restore of entries.
+ | Exchange information with other SafeDog users.
+ | Quick-print for caregiver information specifically designed for a caregiver.
+ | Grief/memorial area - frameable photo with grief expression.
+ | Track the cost of each dog. Enter itemized purchases.
+ | Quickly find each dog with a click of a button.
+ | Built-in spell checker.
+ | Customizable fields.
+ | Optional phone formatting.
+ | Optional backup files on quit.
+ | Applicable fields use type-ahead for quicker entry.
+ | User definable currency symbol.
+ | Built-in Help and .pdf User Guide.

[Breeder Version]

A virtually unlimited* number of dogs can be entered, and a virtually unlimited amount of Litters and puppies for each dog can be entered.

Breeder Version Contains These Features:

+ | Contains all the features listed above, plus the following...
+ | Holds 64 quadrillion dogs.
+ | Breeder notes.
+ | Unlimited litters per dog.
+ | Unlimited puppies per litter.

Litter Info
+ | Litter date.
+ | Litter description.
+ | Puppy’s breed.
+ | Puppy’s dad’s breed.
+ | Puppy’s dad’s name, address and phone.
+ | Puppy’s mom’s breed.
+ | Puppy’s mom’s name, address and phone.
+ | Automatic (suggested) shot scheduling.
+ | Document storage (template contracts, adoption information, spay/neuter agreement etc).
+ | Gross income from litter.

Puppy Info
+ | New owner name, address, phone and email.
+ | Price paid.
+ | Contract storage.
+ | Signed contract.
+ | Birth order.
+ | Time of birth.
+ | Temporary name.
+ | Weight.
+ | Gender.
+ | Color.
+ | Personality traits.
+ | Notes.
+ | Photo for each puppy.

*64 Quadrillion Dogs - One Quadrillion is one thousand times one trillion (10 to the 15th power).

Our dogs are amazing creatures that need to be taken care of by us, they depend on us to provide their food, shelter and medical necessities. Imagine now happy you will be that you made this small investment in SafeDog if something were to happen to your dog. Having this kind of information available to you, when you need it, is invaluable. Make the purchase now!"
Waiting another day or night might make a difference.

* When you breed your dog, you put her at risk. Breeding dogs should be left to experienced professional breeders and never to demonstrate the "miracle of life" to children.

$25.95 US
Single-user license
Download OS X version
For OS X

Download Windows version
For 98/ME/2k/XP
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Key Features -

+ | Custom Training Tracking.
+ | Unlimited Medical & Veterinary visits can be entered.
+ | Print emergency signs for emergency personnel.
+ | 6 Generation family tree.
+ | Export dog info to iPod.
+ | Backup entries when quitting.
+ | Customizable fields.
+ | Store vets medical reports and x-rays.
+ | Grooming information.
+ | Puppy information.
+ | Puppy litter information.
+ | Identification information.
+ | Applicable fields use type-ahead for quicker entry.
+ | Available in many languages.
+ | Definable currency symbol.
+ | Built-in Help & User Guide.
+ | Expense notes & calculator.

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