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Store House Organizing Software

Store House Asset Management Software is a very flexible tool for collecting, organizing, finding and printing your asset information. Be prepared for a natural disaster by having everything in your Home or Business cataloged in order to get reimbursement. i.e. Get $200,000 from your insurance company instead of $35,000 because you have everything documented. Relax knowing that your Heirs will get the objects you want them to have when you're gone.

Try Store House today and see how much easier, and how much more control you'll have over your assets or your collection.
A. Make sure you aren't caught unprepared.
B. Stop being frustrated by hard-to-find information.
C. Free yourself from information clutter.
D. Eliminate worry about losing track of data.
E. Care for your Family.
F. Get top dollar for your collections by having them cataloged.

Store House Asset Management Software is a simple way to keep track of your objects such as: its location, (how great would it be to know where everything you own is!) its description, cost, warranty information, even a beneficiary of the object. Not only can it store descriptions and insurance information about your possessions (helpful in case of a natural disaster), but it can manage large collections such as baseball cards, DVD's, CD's etc. (it stores up to 8 terabytes of information). You can add a couple of custom fields to meet any special needs you might have.
You can store a QuickTime movie and view it from inside Store House. (If you create a movie of your home, office, camping trailer etc., this helps remind you of items you may want to enter into Store House.)

Store House makes it easy to find, sort and print the details of your possessions for safekeeping. After all, it doesn't make much sense to record things and then not be able to find them later. Store House generates a pop-up list from the title of every item stored. By simply selecting an item and clicking the GO button, that item will be displayed. Or use "Find" to gather groups of records to be sorted and printed to fit in a three-ring binder.

The information about your entries can be used with either the Mac version or the Windows version. Each version is sold separately, but the information can be exchanged between the two platforms.

Assigning an heir to your possessions is a smart idea, and you needn't be wealthy or have a lot of assets to make use of this great tool. In many places around the world, including the United States, the printed documents generated from Store House can be used as part of a legal document, if it is referred to in your Estate Plan. (DigitalFriedChicken does not practice law and this is not legal advice.) Please seek legal advice from your lawyer or attorney regarding Store House documents being binding in your area. Even if the documents from Store House Asset Management Software aren't binding in your area, they will save you a lot of time and money at your lawyer's office, because a lot of the paperwork regarding your physical assets will be documented.

Store House Asset Management Software comes with an illustrated .pdf User Manual that can be accessed by clicking the "help" question mark button on the upper right of each layout.

Store House Asset Managment Software comes with fictitious records to show what a typical entry might look like, and to let you test the software. At any time you can delete one or all of these records.

Many of the fields in Store House are made up of pop-up menus to increase entry speed and accuracy. Pop-up menus allow you to select from a predefined list. (You can edit these lists.) The contents of these lists give you an idea of some of the things that can be added to them.

Custom Fields and custom pop-up lists allow you to tailor Store House Asset Managment Software to exactly meet your needs.

You can enter a Web address that might be helpful or to better explain the item being displayed. Many companies provide PDF manuals for the products they sell. (These can be obtained on the Internet and downloaded to your computer.) You can store these files in Store House so they're always handy and easy to find. Click the View button to view the PDF.

Industrial strength
Store House can hold up to 8 Terabytes of information, that's a maximum of 640000000000000000 personal possessions. Each field can hold 1,000,000,000 characters (2 gigabytes) of information. Each photograph container* can hold 4 gigabytes. * Container fields can also hold any kind of document including: .pdf, Word, Excel, Mp3, Mpg, Quicktime, FileMaker, Visio, PowerPolnt, Wmv, Access and more.

Adding your own records, deleting and printing are all accomplished using the on-screen buttons in the lower right corner of the Main Layout. You can add photos simply by dragging them into Store House, or use the Add button. The Copy button creates a copy of the original photo. Viewing a copy is easier than looking through a folder of files to find a particular photograph; after you're finished viewing it, move it to the trash.

You can add a folder of photos, and each photo will create its own record. This can be a real time saver, but a little care needs to be taken in the process... Please read the .pdf User Manual for instructions. You can add one QuickTime movie by using the Add button. If you create a movie of your home, office, camping trailer etc., you can click the View button to remind you of items you may want to enter into Store House.

Store House has many scripts that can help you accomplish tasks very easily. The first 10 scripts can be launched using the keyboard.

Spell checking is available on any layout simply by choosing it from the Scripts menu. A shortcut to this Script is the spelling button.

Dictionaries in many languages are available for Store House. Dictionaries in the following languages: Dutch, French, Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German, Dictionary DownloadEnglish (UK), English (US).
These Dictionaries check the spelling of text entered, it doesn’t change the software to that particular language. Since most of the understands some English, many users can understand the titles, headings and navigate layouts easily, but feel more comfortable using their native language to fill-in the blanks. These Dictionaries allow you to check your entries and Learn words that are not in the Main Dictionary.

Clean Software

$24.95 US
Single-user license
Download OS X version
For OS X
Download Windows version
For 2000/XP
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Buy how

Key Features -

[+] Estate planning.
[+] Add many photos at once.
[+] Name beneficiaries.
[+] Store PDF manuals.
[+] PDF User Manual.
[+] Prints fit a three-ring binder.
[+] Add and view QuickTime movie.


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